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Testing Information

Next Test Sessions

Moves in the Field, Free Skate & Dance

(Dance Testing is Preliminary thru Bronze)

November 8, 2022

Registration is due by October 28, 2022

Coaches will hand out Test Applications a couple weeks before.

The schedule will be posted the week before the test session and a protocol slideshow will be shared via email.

Karen Sinclair

Skating Disciplines

Where to begin with Private Lessons and testing?


  • "Moves" is a technical discipline, designed to help skaters improve their execution of the basic moves of skating.
  • Edgework, turns, stroking, body control and extension are emphasized, mostly done with "power" as a primary focus.
  • All skaters will begin with the Pre-Preliminary Moves test.
  • 1-2 lessons of 15 minutes each per week


Free Skate

  • Jumps, spins and programs to music
  • 1-2 freestyle lessons per week may be added
  • Begins with Pre-Preliminary Free Skate test
  • First steps to beginning singles competition

Additional disciplines may be added after Moves and Free Skate

  • Ice Dance, Pairs
  • Stroking Class is an essential addition

USFSA Test Structure

The USFSA test structure governs the levels at which skaters compete in all disciplines.

  • Judged tests are conducted by certified USFSA judges at a USFSA sanctioned test session by a skating club
  • Results are tracked by USFSA
  • Using your membership on the USFSA site you can check your testing status
  • Your skater's coach will let you know when your skater is ready to test
  • Test sessions are held quarterly at Lakeland; other rinks also offer test sessions that your coach might consider
  • Registration for testing session can be done here when a testing session is approaching with your coach's approval

Test session Registration 2022

Showcase Blades

Lakeland Skating Club has a showcase in the Lobby of the Arena. This showcase is a place to acknowledge the accomplishments of our skaters after testing. 

  • Our skaters can work on 3 skating disciplines: free skate, moves and dance. 
  • When a skater pass a level in a discipline, a blade with the skater's engraved name is placed in the showcase under that level.
  • The most blades you will need is 3.
  • Blades are ordered once a year in the fall. The Club sends out a Google Form when it is time to order.
  • LSC holds on to the blades and takes care of moving them after a test session.